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Meet our engineer Doru

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The engineers from our engineering office often work behind the scenes. We are happy to introduce them to you.
Meet Doru!

Doru Gabriel Alexe


M.Sc. Mechanical engineer


Machine Manufacturing and Industrial Management

Why study engineering? What exactly do you specialize in?

From a young age I was passionate about scale models, drawing and build or repair various mechanisms. Possibly also due to the examples from my family I chose a career in engineering.
I am M.Sc. Mechanical engineer – specialized in machine manufacturing technology.


What exactly do you do at ESTEE?

The main objective is represented by the design according to the contractual requirements of the components of the powder coating installations. Where in case, I am in contact with component suppliers and equipment subcontractors.
Daarnaast stel ik offertes op voor nieuwe orders (algemene tekeningen, kostenramingen, bijbehorende documentatie) en optimaliseer ik samen met mijn collega’s bestaande producten en ontwikkelen we nieuwe producten.I addition I make new offers for new orders (general drawings, cost estimates, related documentation) and optimize existing products and developing new ones.


What do you like about your job at ESTEE?

I am happy to participate in the development of a product with significant impact in daily life.

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