For a powder coating installation in perfect condition

At ESTEE Coating Solutions, our mission is to satisfy the customer day after day with our custom powder coating solutions, using our expertise, experience and commitment. Our involvement does not stop with the delivery of our powder coating installation, on the contrary. Throughout the life of your installation, we aim for maximum operational safety, excellent efficiency and the lowest operating costs of the powder coating installation.

This is why we make large investments in our after-sales service. In this way, you can always contact us for professional training, expert advice, an extensive stock of spare parts and 3 preventive service packages:

  • The ESTEE Safety package is our minimum maintenance package which guarantees the safety of your installation. It contains the precautions necessary to comply with legal requirements.
  • The ESTEE Maintenance package guarantees you sustainable maintenance of your installation. All wearing parts will be replaced preventively, to minimise the risk of stagnation. This package also contains all the components of the ESTEE Safety package.
  • The ESTEE Premium Performance package goes a step further. The performance of your installation is carefully monitored and adjusted where necessary. This package also contains the components of the ESTEE Safety and ESTEE Maintenance packages.


Safety and performance

These offers are based on our expertise and experience: our service packages contain the service activities that our current customers consider necessary, to guarantee security, preventive maintenance and maintain performance.

Customised service package

You choose the service package that best meets your needs:

  • ESTEE Safety,
  • ESTEE Maintenance or
  • ESTEE Premium Performance.

Full transparency

We strive to be 100% transparent in what we offer. We don’t want any surprises after the fact. In our offer, you will find the estimated intervention times, the intervention costs and the rental / administration costs of the measuring equipment. In addition, you will receive a price list of spare and wear parts.

Date of execution by mutual agreement

The time when the service can be performed will be determined by mutual agreement. To ensure efficient scheduling, taking into account the other current contracts, we will contact you three weeks in advance to coordinate a time that works for you.

Discount on spare parts linked to interventions

If you opt for the complete ESTEE Maintenance or ESTEE Premium Performance package, you benefit from a discount on the wearing parts used. In addition, you will not be charged any additional intervention in the event of urgent interventions.

Save on transport costs

If it is possible to reduce the transport costs linked to service delivery at other companies in your region, this will be calculated in your advantage.


Powder extraction & recovery


STS fire detection maintenance

Annual cleaning of the flame detector and general inspection. Replacement of the flame detector every three years. Replacement of batteries and CO2 bottle every 5 years.

Checking the dust passage filters

Visual inspection of dust penetration through the filter. Tribo measurement as verification of penetration.

Cabin suction measurement

Measurement of cabin suction according to the European standard definitions EN 16985: 2019 and recommendations for improvement.

Maintenance peristaltic pump

Complete overhaul of peristaltic pump.

Control sieve cyclone

Check proper operation screen & vibration engine.
Replacement of sieve, if required.

Maintenance and cleaning cyclone

Cleaning of cyclone with granules.

Maintenance of filter

Verify pressure manometer & filter pulsation.
Replacement of filter cartridges & valves at pre-described intervals.

powder coating equipment


High voltage measurement guns

Comparative measurement on all guns, as check of the correct operation of the high-voltage cascades.

Grounding inspection

Control of the connection of grounding on all critical components + recommendations for improvement.

Maintenance of powder pumps

Full maintenance of all Venturi powder pumps.
Replacement of wear parts.

Replacement of powder hoses

Inspection of existing powder hoses.
Replacement if required.

Maintenance of powder centre

Complete overhaul of the powder centre.

Maintenance of guns

Full maintenance of all automatic & manual guns.
Replacement of wear parts.

Maintenance of moving devices

Complete overhaul of the horizontal and vertical movement devices.

Layer thickness measurement

Contactless measurement of coating thickness before curing. Optimisation of powder emissions based on results.

infrared oven


Control infrared panels

Revision of ignition and measuring probes.
Replacement if defective.

drying and curing oven


Measurement emission ovens

Control of CO, CO2 & NOx values in the exhaust.
Adjustment if different from original values.

Maintenance burners oven

Complete overhaul and cleaning of the burner. Annual replacement of electrode, and ionisation probe.
Relay replacement every 5 years

Inspection combustion chamber

Visual inspection of the burner tube and heat exchanger (= for indirect combustion).
Inspection for tears and/or degradation of material.

Safety thermostat control

Test of the correct operation of the thermostat.
Replacement if defective.

Maintenance fan oven

Lubrication of bearings; tightening and/or replacing of belts; alignment of pulleys.

Control oven chamber

Visual inspection of the furnace, including all gratings + recommendations for improvement.

Temperature curve curing oven

Recording max. 2 temperature curves in the curing oven.
1 adjustment to improve the curve.

pretreatment tunnel


Measurement emission tunnel boiler

Control of CO, CO2 & NOx values in the exhaust.
Adjustment if different from original values.

Maintenance burner boiler

Complete overhaul and cleaning of the burner.
Annual replacement of electrode, and ionisation probe.
Relay replacement every 5 years.

Tunnel extraction control

Check of extraction flow above the tunnel.
Correction if insufficient extraction.

Control nozzles

Selective control of the spraying pattern of the nozzles + recommendations for improvement.

Control brushes

Checking the quality and good sealing of the brushes + any recommendations to improve

Maintenance droplet catcher

Control the proper operation of the droplet catcher.
Exchange plates for cleaning.

Control membrane valves

Check the smooth operation of the membrane valves.
Replacement of membrane, if required.

Measurement of operating point pumps

Control of pressure, flow and amperage of the pumps.
Compare working point with previous results.

Maintenance heat exchanger

Check the proper functioning of the heat exchanger.
Exchange plates for cleaning.

Calibration conductivity meters

Calibration of conductivity meter last rinsing stage.



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