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VMT was founded in 1946 as a manufacturer of lighting fixtures. Soon the transition to a supplier for the industry was made. Nowadays, almost 75 years later, VMT is a key player and has a loyal customer base. In order to offer their customers even greater flexibility and reaction speed, they have recently started powder coating with a brand new powder coating installation from ESTEE Coating Solutions.

Jacques Straetmans (co-owner of VMT): “We have invested heavily at VMT in recent years. For example, our cutting departments (both welding and punching) were largely automated and we now have state-of-the-art machines there, in the pleating department we invest heavily in automation, in the welding department we focus on welding robots, etc. In addition, we are currently constructing a new warehouse. That warehouse had to be built since there is a brand new powder coating installation where the old warehouse used to be.

VMT guarantees quality and delivery time. Our customers know that. We will continue to focus on that. In that context we decided last year to invest in our own paint shop. That way we have control over almost the entire process. We already notice that our time to delivery has been reduced enormously, so we can offer even more flexibility to our customers.

We opted for a powder coating installation from ESTEE Coating Solutions because it certainly best met our specific needs. The installation was developed 100% based on the objectives we had set ourselves. Furthermore, the promised delivery time was good, including the necessary guarantees. Not unimportant if you want to move forward.


“We opted for a powder coating installation from ESTEE Coating Solutions because it certainly best met our specific needs.”


A few months later we can now perfectly state that ESTEE Coating Solutions have respected all their commitments and that they also provide good service after installation.
The results are impressive! Our powder painters are very satisfied. Everything runs smoothly and the powder coating itself goes very well. We initially wanted to start with the easiest parts, but we actually did everything in house from day 1, without the help of any external subcontractors.

The future looks good for VMT. Thanks to this powder coating installation from ESTEE Coating Solutions, we continue to offer the same high-quality standards to our customers, with an impressive time to delivery and enormous flexibility. ”

Number of employees: 26
Year of creation: 1946
Address: Dynamicalaan 10, 2610 Wilrijk, Belgium
Tel :+32(0)3 828 40 63



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