Powder coating installation PMC Bruges

one year later...

PMC from Bruges has specialised in the manufacturing of sheet metal for over 30 years. It has recently become part of the Pattyn Group for which it produces the complete metal and stainless steel constructions for packaging lines in the food sector.
To offer greater flexibility and have full control over the production process, it was decided over a year ago to also perform powder coating in-house. Shining in their new production hall is now a fully customised powder coating line from ESTEE Coating Solutions.

Jan Pauwels, Managing Director at PMC: “We attach great importance to quality and flexibility. Here in our new location, you can confidently speak of a digital factory. We have state-of-the-art software, the planning system is digital, the CNC is fully controlled from a 3D model, etc.
Thanks to our QRM (Quick Response Manufacturing) approach, we are able to deliver small series of machine components quickly and flexibly. This offers great added value for Pattyn Packing Lines because it allows them to assemble the packaging machines faster and more efficiently.

In addition, the quality of our constructions is essential. To safeguard that quality, we maintain control over the entire process. That is why we decided a while ago to also powder paint in-house and no longer outsource this to external powder painters. We had no direct experience with powder coatings, so we were assisted by an external engineering office. Extensive specifications were drawn up and several suppliers were contacted, including ESTEE Coating Solutions.

From the various proposals, we ultimately chose ESTEE Coating Solutions because they really listened to us and contributed ideas, both in terms of layout and technical aspects. Our new location enabled us to determine the ideal layout ourselves, always with an ideal flow for our production in mind. Every square meter in the production hall is therefore optimised.
In addition, ESTEE bv has come up with a solution that allows us to recover the energy from the solar panels on our roof.

As inexperienced powder painters, we have greatly appreciated the support and expertise received from ESTEE Coating Solutions throughout this entire process.


“We chose ESTEE Coating Solutions because they really thought along with what we needed, both in terms of optimal layout and technical aspects.”


We have recruited an experienced powder coating expert for the effective construction of the installation, which of course helps. ESTEE Coating Solutions helped to guide and train him at the start-up. We have been powder coating for a good year now, and everything is running smoothly.

The first maintenance is planned soon. We appreciate that this was well monitored by ESTEE Coating Solutions and communicated on time. It is reassuring that our installation will continue to run properly.

Thanks to this powder coating installation, we can now truly say that we have total control over the production process. We do everything in-house now: CNC, laser cutting, bending, turning and milling, powder coating, bead blasting, etc. – you name it. And because we ourselves perform the powder coating, we can now react faster and with much more flexibility.

The Pattyn group continues to grow, and so do we. The powder coating installation is currently running on one shift, we want to grow to two shifts and make the coating line even more profitable. With the quality that we offer, we may even be able to use powder coatings for other companies in the future. If we continue to grow at this pace, we will have to make additional changes. And then there is also room for a larger powder coating installation – why not!”

Address: Pathoekeweg 13A, 8000 Bruges, Belgium
Website: www.pattyn.com/



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