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New installation at Pulsion Alu (FR)

incl. a 33m (!) pre-treatment tunnel

ESTEE designed a brand new powder coating line for Pulsion Alu (FR), consisting of a chemical pre-treatment tunnel, drying and polymerization oven and an automatic powder coating booth.

The special feature of this installation is the chemical pre-treatment tunnel.
Our engineers designed a chemical tunnel of no less than 33 meters long, for a section length of 14 meters with the following characteristics:

  • Corporate statement compliance
  • Trimetallic degreaser, 4 rinses and chemical conversion
  • No liquid drain


Characteristics of processed products

  • Length: 14,000mm
  • Height: 2850 mm
  • Width: 600 mm
  • Weight: 1 ton


Pulsion Alu

Pulsion Alu is a French company that produces custom aluminum gates. It is located in Douai in the north of France.

Location: Douai, France

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