The WAGNER IPS is a unique product in the market, thanks to its extremely high productivity, consistent high quality, simple operation and short colour change times.
Some unique features of the IPS are:

  • Patented ‘Smart Feeding’ technology: the powder feeding, with the aid of recovered fluid air, a container with overpressure and an electronically controlled dosing valve with monitoring sensors, results in a high-performance powder feeding and dosing system. An exact powder dosage of up to 400 g per gun is possible.
  • Automated colour change: colour changes at the touch of a button, fast and reproducible, lead to higher productivity. Thanks to a fully automatic cleaning process with Airblade technology and pulse cleaning, as well as a selectable cleaning intensity, the highest quality can be achieved.
  • Optimal paint results: the IPS MASTER module integrates powder preparation, feeding and dosing into a closed system that contributes to a clean working environment. Thanks to state-of-the-art powder preparation with ultrasonic sieves (for fresh and recovered powder) and a vibrating and fluidised powder container, unrivalled coating results are obtained.




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